We Turn the First Chapter of Your Career into a Success Story

You’ve finished school, now it’s time to join the workforce! But where to begin? Webasto offers everything you need to successfully launch your career. How about working for a global market leader and get the opportunity to become acquainted with our international business – live and up close. Webasto also offers practical and future-proof training in attractive professions and degree courses.


Vocational training with drive. For vocational trainees with passion.

Never a boring minute and always in high gear. At Webasto, you’ll enjoy a varied, dynamic training environment in the following fields:


Vocational Training in a Business Field

Learn How a Company Operates

Vocational Training in an Industrial/Technical Field

Launch Your Career in an Interesting Field of Work

Combined Vocational Training and Degree Program

Paid Degree Program with Practical Phases – in Business and Technical Fields

Student Internship

Your First Look at the World of Work

Do you want to complete a vocational training program in a business or technical field or are you looking for a combined vocational training and degree program? Then click on a location near you to find out more.

Our Vocational Training Locations

  • Webasto’s global headquarters is located in Stockdorf near Munich. Our new administrative and development building is a symbol of our corporate culture and the Webasto of the future. It stands for innovation and perfection, promotes the networked collaboration that is so important to us, and supports our continuous evolution.

    We offer the following career opportunities in Stockdorf:

    • Vocational Training
      • Industrial Management
    • Combined Vocational Training and Degree Program
      • Webasto Dual (vocational training in Industrial Management with a simultaneous bachelor’s degree program in Business Administration)
      • Mechatronics – E-Mobility
      • Mechanical Engineering – Vehicle Systems Engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering – Design & Development
      • Automotive Electronics and Mechatronic Systems
      • Industrial Engineering with a Focus on Mechanical Engineering or Electronics
      • Technical Management
      • Electrical Engineering – Automation

    You can find more information about your opportunities in Stockdorf in our vocational training flyer.

  • Production of the first convertible roof in the company’s history began in 1986, in the Lower Bavarian city of Hengersberg. Upon completion of the new building at the site in 2013, Webasto has built the world’s most state-of-the-art project and development center for convertible roof systems.

    We offer the following career opportunities in Hengersberg:

    • Vocational Training in a Business Field
      • Industrial Management
      • IT Systems Management
      • Warehouse Logistics
    • Vocational Training in a Technical Field
      • Systems Engineering
      • Technical Product Design
      • Mechatronics
  • We are a leading vocational training company. As the global market leader, we produce more than one million auxiliary heaters annually in the heart of the City of the Four Gates, Neubrandenburg.

    We offer the following career opportunities in Neubrandenburg:

    • Vocational Training in a Business Field
      • Industrial Management
      • Warehouse Logistics
    • Vocational Training in a Technical Field
      • Production Mechanics
      • Mechatronics
      • Tool Engineering
  • The Webasto plant in Schierling, covering a total area of 45.000 m², has been in existence for more than 30 years. With its current workforce of some 400, it has now developed from what was formerly a center for the roof business into an independent technology center. In addition to the assembly of roof systems, battery systems are also produced here.

    We offer the following career opportunities in Schierling:

    • Vocational Training in a Technical Field
      • Industriemechaniker*in
      • Elektroniker*in für Betriebstechnik
      • Fertigungsmechaniker*in
      • Maschinen- und Anlagenführer*in

    For more information about your opportunities in Schierling you can get in contact with: 

    Rita Weinberger
    Webasto Roof & Components SE
    Werk Schierling
    Frühaufstraße 7
    84069 Schierling
    E-Mail: Bewerbung.schierling@webasto.com
    Phone: 09451/20-124

    We look forward to receiving your application.

  • The Webasto facility in Utting, which opened in 1977, is located directly on Lake Ammersee. Here the company produces panorama, sliding, and solar roof systems for cars over a total floor space of 45,060 square meters.

    We offer the following career opportunities in Utting:

    • Vocational Training in a Business Field
      • Industrial Management
    • Vocational Training in a Technical Field
      • Systems Engineering
      • Mechatronics

    You can find more information about your opportunities in Utting in our vocational training flyer.

Part of a strong team. Part of a Large Family

We know that people are the driving force behind our success. This is why showing mutual appreciation and working together in a friendly manner are particularly important to us. Here at Webasto, everyone’s contribution counts, regardless of whether they are new to the job or have worked for us for many years, whether they are trainees or managers.


Extensive Support and Assistance. Right from the Beginning.

At Webasto you’ll work for a global market leader and get the opportunity to become acquainted with our international business. Our employees are much more than just a number to us – you can truly play an active role and will always be treated with respect. Our qualified instructors will ensure that you get your career off to a good start. And the entire team plays its part in ensuring that everyone is part of a large network. Including you!

Outstanding Prospects at a Global Market Leader

Your time at Webasto doesn’t have to end after completing vocational training or a combined vocational training and degree program. There are many options available to you for a future career as a specialist, project manager, or manager, for example a part-time degree program while working, further training to become a business administrator certified by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), external seminars and further training, as well as advanced training at our in-house academy. The same is true after earning your bachelor’s degree. With the Webasto master’s program, you have financial security and can fully concentrate on your full-time master’s degree program.

Your Special Benefits as a Vocational Trainee at Webasto

Friendly working environment

Thanks to our friendly and respectful “You-mentality” and in line with our motto “ONE Webasto”, we highly value our friendly, fair and cooperative cooperation and cohesion throughout the company. Each of our trainees and dual students is an important part of our team.

Wide variety of different assignments

Varied and exciting tasks promote motivation and enjoyment of work. That is why you will gain insights into various areas and processes, be allowed to work independently and actively contribute your ideas, so that boredom is a foreign word.

Career opportunities

Would you like to get to know many different areas of Webasto? There are more than 40 different training departments at Webasto - from the different areas of human resources to controlling, sales, purchasing, project management and many other departments. During your training or your dual studies you can help decide which departments and areas you would like to get to know better, depending on your personal inclination or individual interests.

Subsidized meals at the cafeteria

As a dual student/trainee, you receive a 50% discount on lunch in our cafeteria.

Internal education

Combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience? At Webasto, this is achieved through internal courses. Webasto specialist talk about their task areas and in that way, deepen the theoretical knowledge of the vocational school and university through practical content. In addition to technical topics, however, we also offer for example a Driving safety training, Power Point or Excel Trainings.

Fitness activities (e.g. jogging and yoga)

Doing sports together is fun, promotes health and strengthens cohesion. Like all our employees, you can choose from a variety of sports activities such as running, yoga and back therapy training. With the help of Gympass, we are able to support our employees in flexibly practicing their favorite sports activities and promoting their own well-being.

Profit sharing

Depending on how the business year developed, our trainees and dual students also receive a profit-related bonus.

Subsidized gym membership

We want to enable our trainees and dual students to lead a healthy lifestyle alongside work. This is why, in cooperation with Gympass, we offer a modern access via an app to the world's largest sports, spar time and wellness network. From classic fitness training to climbing, skiing, swimming or a relaxing massage - there is something for everyone!

Team and trainee events

In addition to the Webasto summer festival and the Christmas party, there are many other events where you can get to know each other better and have fun together in a relaxed atmosphere even outside of working hours. In that way, for example, all of our Webasto trainees and dual students get to know each other better during a game of Beach volleyball.

Personal mentoring

In order to make it easier for you to get started at Webasto, there is the so-called “personal mentor system”. Each new trainee/dual student is assigned a mentor from a higher training year, with whom they can exchange ideas and who will answer any open questions.

Performance rewards

Webasto rewards you for especially good grades at vocational school or university!

With a grade point average better than 1.49 you will receive a 100 €/month bonus,  better than 1.99 75 €/month and better than 2.49 35 €/month.

Hard work pays off!

Good job perspectives

After your apprenticeship or dual studies, Webasto offers you many opportunities to apply what you have learned in a permanent position. With appropriate performance and suitability, the chances of being taken on are very good. For example, our takeover rate in 2020/2021 was more than 90%.

Assume responsibility

Already during your training or dual studies you will take on responsible and important tasks and thus make a valuable contribution to current projects and thus to the overall success of Webasto.

Fair payment

1. Training year:         1.067 Euro
2. Training year:         1.122 Euro
3. Training year:         1.195 Euro
4. Training year:         1.244 Euro

Webasto dual
4. Training year:         1.463 Euro
5. Training year:         1.597 Euro

Dual studies
1. Academic year :     1.088 Euro
2. Academic year:      1.160 Euro
3. Academic year:      1.236 Euro

*status: 1/1/2020
** Deviating salaries at the locations Hengersberg, Neubrandenburg und Schaidt

Christmas and vacation bonuses

Just like all of our employees, you also receive holiday pay and Christmas bonus as one of our trainees/dual students.

Rent allowance

During the theoretical phase at DHBW our dual students receive a rent subsidy of 150 € after presenting a valid rental contract.

Materials allowance

Webasto covers all costs for copies or books, that you need for the vocational school or university.

Travel cost allowance

Whether by car, public transport or on foot - at Webasto you receive a travel allowance of 0.15 euros per kilometer driven from their home to the Webasto location (Travel allowance ceiling of 50km).

Webasto Foundation

The Webasto Group is active beyond its corporate borders and promotes and supports charitable projects and organizations worldwide with the help of the Webasto Foundation. Our employees are invited to take an active part in the work of the Webasto Foundation and to get involved socially. The Webasto Foundation regularly organizes donation votings in which social initiatives from all around the world are introduced. By participating in these votings our colleagues can co-determine about the funds the organizations will receive.

However, if our employees want to do more, they can suggest charitable projects for a donation themselves, engage personally by joining Corporate Volunteering activities or donate directly to the Webasto Foundation, e.g. by signing up for our LuckyPenny initiative (only available in Germany).  

Charging Station

We offer innovative technologies not only to car manufacturers and end customers, but also to our employees. For those colleagues among us who already drive electrically, this means that charging of private vehicles is already free of charge at some of our Webasto locations. In this way, we want to help our employees take a step toward a more sustainable future

Job Bike

Riding a bike is becoming more and more popular and you do something for your health as well as for the environment. We support the sustainable concept and offer our employees the possibility of leasing bicycles, pedelecs and e-bikes.

Answering all of your questions

  • At Webasto, we do not have a defined deadline for applications. Usually we start filling the training positions and positions for dual studies a year in advance.

  • You can apply to Webasto via the job portal or by e-mail. You can find the link to the job portal here.

    • Application letter
    • Resume
    • Job reference
    • Confirmation of internships
    • Other documents (e.g. language certificates)
  • What you should bring with you for the vocationaltraining:

    • Secondary education
    • Good grades in mathematics, German, English, Business & Law or Accounting
    • Enjoy business activities
    • Flexibility and commitment
    • Ability to work in a team and self-confidence

    What you should bring with you for Webasto dual:

    • Good (Abitur or Fachabitur)
    • Determination and self-discipline
    • Individual responsibility and enjoy learning

    What you should bring with you for the dual studies:

    • Good (Abitur or Fachabitur)
    • Flexibility and perseverance
    • Outstanding commitment
    • Ability to work in a team and self-confidence
    • Great willingness to learn and initiative
    1. Application via the application portal or by e-mail
    2. Review of the application documents
    3. Invitation to an interview (with information about the short presentations you will present during the interview)
    4. Interview including an employment test
    5. Job offer
  • Yes, every applicant receives a conformation email.  

    • You are going to give a 10 minute long presentation with 4-5 questions about yourself and the short discussion about a certain topic
    • During our conversation, we will answer all of your questions
    • You are going to work on a one-hour long employment test
  • In the year 2021, we are going to hire 30 new trainees and dual students

  • During your training at Webasto, you will have the chance to get to know various departments and help decide which ones you will visit. Vocational schooling and your work at Webasto will alternate in regular intervals – after working for about 5-6 weeks in the company, 2 weeks of vocational school follow.

    As a Webasto Dual student, you will complete an apprenticeship in industrial management and at the same time a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.

    In your first year, you are going to visit the vocational school together with the other trainees. Your studies at FOM start in the second year. You will then spend two days at the university and three days at work. From then on, you will then no longer need to attend vocational school.

    Just like the trainees, you have the opportunity to get to know many departments and decide which ones you want to visit next.

    The dual study program alternates between practical and theoretical phases. In the theory phases, which last 3-6 months, you will visit the university in Ravensburg Campus Friedrichshafen in Baden-Württemberg. During the practical phases, you will have the chance to gain important project experience in over 40 departments, which you are allowed to choose yourself.

  • The vocational school of the training is in Starnberg, Oberbayern.

    The University for our Webasto dual students is the university for Economics & Management (FOM) in Munich and the University of the Technical Dual Study Programs is located in Ravensburg Camus Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg.

    • Vocational training: 3 years (It is possible to shorten the duration of the program depending on your qualifications)
    • Webasto dual: 4,5 years
    • Dual study: 3 years
  • At Webasto, you have very good job perspectives. After your training or dual studies, Webasto offers you many opportunities to apply what you have learned in a permanent position. With appropriate performance and suitability, your chances of being accepted are very good. For example, our takeover rate in 2020/2021 was more than 90%.

Get to Know Us in Person

You can often find us at a number of different trade shows and events. Just drop by – we look forward to speaking with you personally.

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