Combined Vocational Training and Degree Programs

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Hands-On Experience to Help Launch Your Career

For all those who want to combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience in the best possible way: why not start a combined vocational training and degree program at Webasto? It opens up numerous career opportunities and makes you financially independent, since you can study and earn money at the same time. During the practical phase, you will also gain important project experience in the automotive industry – at one of our more than 50 locations worldwide.

Benefit from personal guidance at the university, with small courses and qualified professors, as well as at Webasto, with our dedicated and experienced instructors and project teams.

And successfully completing your vocational training doesn’t mean you have to stop there: the Webasto master’s program gives you the opportunity to gain further qualifications even after you have earned your degree.

An insight into combined vocational training

Your Benefits

  • 18 months of theoretical education at a participating university in Baden-Württemberg, 18 months of hands-on experience at a company – the ideal combination for anyone who wants to combine theoretical knowledge with practical application
  • Earn money while earning a degree
  • The ability to spend a practice phase at one of our more than 50 locations worldwide
  • The departments for the practical phase are selected according to your personal preferences and talent

We offer the following combined vocational training and degree programs in a business field:

We offer the following combined vocational training and degree programs in a technical field:

Mechatronics – E-Mobility

Electrical Engineering – Automation

Electrical Engineering – Automotive Electronics

Mechanical Engineering – Production Technology

Mechanical Engineering – Vehicle Systems Engineering

Mechanical Engineering – Design and Development

Industrial Engineering

Explore the World with Webasto!

Would you like to gain experience working abroad? Do you want to explore foreign countries and learn about new cultures? Then spend a practical phase at one of our more than 50 locations worldwide!

Here are the requirements:

  • You must be open-minded towards other cultures
  • You must work in an extremely independent manner with a laser focus on the project
  • You must show above-average commitment both in the theoretical phases at the participating university (average GPA of at least 2.5 on the German scale of 1 to 6) and during the hands-on phases at the company

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