Combined Vocational Training and Degree Program in Electrical Engineering – Automation

The Electrical Engineering degree program is an engineering course that covers a broad range of subjects and is geared to the requirements of the future. The cooperative university conveys in-depth mathematical and scientific knowledge as well as detailed technical skills in the theoretical basics of electrical engineering, electronics, information processing, sensor technology, electric drive technology, automation, microcomputer technology, control engineering, digital technology, and software engineering. You will then be able to deepen and apply the course content in a hands-on way by participating in laboratory events and writing research papers.

Minimum Qualifications

  • You have earned a German Abitur or comparable qualification to attend university
  • You exhibit flexibility and perseverance
  • You show above-average dedication
  • You can work as part of a team and are self-confident
  • You are highly motivated to learn and are extremely proactive

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