Webasto YoungDrive

Gain Experience as an Entrepreneur

Our vocational trainees and interns in a business field have a very unique opportunity at our location in Stockdorf: they can work for our junior company YoungDrive. This is a “company within a company” that contains all of an actual company’s departments. Our trainees are completely responsible for all of YoungDrive’s daily operations, including purchasing, sales, and marketing. The management of this junior company also lies completely in their hands. This allows them to develop their knowledge of business workflows, processes, and interrelationships in real-world conditions.

What the Webasto YoungDrive Junior Enterprise Does

The junior company has been responsible for the selection and purchase of Webasto advertising materials since 2005, as well as for the worldwide distribution of these advertising materials. Since then, the product range has grown to more than 100 items. The assortment is extremely broad, containing everything from ballpoint pens to backpacks, from gym bags to high-quality desk accessories.

We are always looking for motivated students who are interested in working for our Webasto junior company as part of an exciting internship. You can find more detailed information about the internships we offer for students here.


Felix Waelde, Webasto Dual student

“At YoungDrive, you work extremely independently. You don’t actually get any assignments from an instructor, but work independently – like a normal Webasto employee – in your area of responsibility. I think this way of working makes a lot of sense, because you quickly learn to work independently and on your own responsibility. In the beginning, I kind of felt like they threw us in at the deep end and it was either sink or swim, but ultimately it really helped me become more self-confident and independent. You frequently need to find a quick solution to a problem, which leads you to make decisions. I think working at YoungDrive reflects the real working world extremely well. In addition, at the junior company you become more familiar with all of the key areas of a company, and can therefore better assess where your future will lead. At YoungDrive, you quickly learn that working in a team and having effective communication skills are very important.”

Bianca Baier, Industrial Manager

“The Webasto junior company YoungDrive gives us the unique opportunity to get to know all of a company’s major processes in just one department. I particularly like the fact that the importance of each YoungDrive employee’s performance is emphasized under real business conditions. The close collaboration with each other and with other departments further enhances our ability to work in a team. Independent and creative work also allows us to better recognize our strengths and weaknesses and to find out where our future path should lead.”

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