The Special Benefits for Your Degree Program

Do you want to get a taste of what it’s like on the job and participate in exciting, innovative projects? And do so at a true global player? No problem: Webasto has several options just for you. As part of the Webasto family, you’ll find a friendly environment that motivates, captivates, and inspires, as well as coworkers you can rely on and who are happy to help whenever you may need it. In addition, you’ll be given responsible assignments and work on interesting projects. In other words, we make sure you feel like a real part of the team right from your very first day.

Your Options at Webasto as a Student (m/f/d)


We offer you various internships in almost every Webasto business unit.

As an intern (m/f/d) at Webasto, your supervisor will carefully familiarize you with your numerous different duties and you will assume responsibility for them right from the start. Gain practical experience at Webasto and get to know the company. Ideally, your internship should last between four and six months.

Student Employment

As a working student (m/f/d), you will work in our specialist departments while pursuing your degree. You will gain practical work experience and help our departments with day-to-day operations or various projects. In this context, “maximum flexibility” is the name of the game: you can work full-time during semester breaks and part-time during the semester – up to 20 hours a week.

Final Projects

Do you want to write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis on a topic from the automotive sector? We’d be happy to advise you!
When it comes to these assignments, we specifically select topics with immediate practical relevance. This is because we want your results to be implemented and not end up in a drawer somewhere. You’ll benefit from extensive guidance and support from experienced employees.

Master’s Degree Program

With Webasto as your partner for your master’s degree program, you can be sure that you will receive broad support and the best prospects for your subsequent career.
We will integrate you into the team while you are pursuing your degree and you will receive a monthly salary. We also offer vacation bonuses, Christmas bonuses, and other attractive benefits.

Our Partnerships with Universities Offer Practical Benefits

Webasto assumes responsibility with foresight – and helps you get ahead in your degree program. For example, we actively partner with universities to promote innovation and talent. These partnerships take on different forms, ranging from excursions and mentoring to doctorates, scholarships, and much more. For example, Webasto has actively supported the “TUfast Racingteam” Formula SAE student design team from TU Munich since 2016. This team competes against student teams from all over the world with its self-designed race cars. In the process, they gain valuable practical experience right from the beginning.

More Information about Our Partnerships with Universities

Our Promise to You



Valuable Insights and Comprehensive Support

When it comes to combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, we at Webasto don’t cut corners. Students are directly integrated into our teams, work on exciting projects, and gain comprehensive insights into the processes and workflows of an international technology leader.Students are directly integrated into our teams, work on exciting projects, and gain comprehensive insights into the processes and workflows of an international technology leader. In doing so, we obviously don’t leave you on your own. Mentoring and a thorough orientation period are just as an important part of our approach as fair compensation.

Greater Team Spirit and Appreciation

Whether during an internship, while working as a student, or completing your final project – at the market leader for roof and convertible systems and auxiliary heaters, a special kind of team spirit awaits you. This is because fairness and mutual respect are extremely important to us. In other words, no one is just a number a Webasto – they are part of the team right from the start. No matter which business unit you work in. This means choosing Webasto is a choice for the thing that makes working here so special – the “We.”

Webasto Student & Talent Pool

If, during your time at Webasto, you demonstrate an exceptional level of dedication and performance, you have a good chance of being invited to join our Student & Talent Pool. If so, you’ll be welcomed into the ranks of our brightest talents. This means that we still want to keep in touch with you after completing your work at Webasto as a student. As part of this group, you’ll enjoy numerous advantages on the path to launching your career: we will take you into consideration when looking for candidates for positions for graduates, organize advanced training events, and assign you a personal advisor who will assist you and put you in touch with the right people within the company.

Your Qualifications and Personal Skills:

  • You are driven, committed, and determined to achieve your goals
  • You have a desire to create
  • You possess a talent for organization
  • You are a strong conceptual thinker
  • You enjoy working as part of a team

What makes working at Webasto as a student (m/f/d) so special?

Hendrik Laufen

Hendrik Laufen

Development Engineer Cell & Module 


When I started as an intern in the E-Solutions & Service department, I was allowed to put my studies into practice. I was not only an intern, but a full member of the team. In that way, I soon had a large scope for decision. Creative ideas and own initiative are always welcomed and promoted at Webasto. After completing my studies in electrical engineering-, information technology, and technical computer science, I was able to start my career as a Development Engineer Cell & Module in the field of battery at Webasto. My colleagues are open, cooperative, and included me very promptly, in line with the spirit of ONE Webasto. In my current position, I deal with the battery cell in a battery system and support my colleagues professionally in battery development to create future-oriented and innovative systems. Another focal point is the intercultural communication with our suppliers in the battery area. I soon realized that Webasto appreciates its employees and thus creates a pleasant working environment and feeling of security. What I also particularly like is that I was quickly given a lot of responsibility and my ideas are heard.

Martina Eckl

Martina Eckl

Talent Acquisition Specialist


From my first day as a working student in the HR marketing department, Webasto offered me a variety of tasks and exciting projects in which I was fully involved from the very beginning. After my master’s degree in business psychology, I entered as a recruiting specialist. Now I am responsible for various departments in recruiting. What I have always liked about Webasto is the great work environment, as well as the various development opportunities. Furthermore, due to the support of my team and the close exchange with the department, I receive a great insight into several HR topics.

Sebastian Uhl

Sebastian Uhl

Co-Project Manager


Even before my direct entry in the Operations department, I was able to get to know various departments at Webasto. Already as a dual student and later on as a working student, I especially came to appreciate the close environment, the exciting projects as well as the intercultural cooperation. In my current role, I am responsible for the implementation of the Webasto production system together with my colleagues all around the world. In that way, together we contribute to the continuous improvement of the entire value chain from the supplier to the customer. These optimizations enable us to guarantee product security, quality, availability and cost efficiency at all our production sites worldwide.

Your Special Benefits as a Working Student at Webasto

Global market and technology leader

As a student at Webasto you have the opportunity to get to know a worldwide company during your internship or your time as a working student and gain your first work experience in a global environment.

Good atmosphere

Thanks to our friendly and respectful “You-mentality” and in line with our motto “ONE Webasto”, we highly value our friendly, fair and cooperative cooperation and cohesion throughout the company. As an intern or working student, you are an important part of our team.

Variety of tasks

Varied and exciting tasks promote your motivation and enjoyment of work. That is why you will gain insights into various areas and processes, be allowed to work independently and actively contribute your ideas, so that boredom is a foreign word.

Career opportunities

Would you like to switch departments or do something compelty different in your career? Take advantage of the opportunity to build up your network within the company and move to different departments for different internships or working student activities.

Room for decision-making

Independent and self-determined work is important to us at Webasto. Our working students are heard, appreciated and supported when making decisions.

Intercultural working

Webasto is represented worldwide with more than 50 locations in 47 countries. We are always in contact with each other and work together in global teams. Diversity and cultural variety are of great importance to us. Get to know the global work of a lead engineer as a working student in electronics development or support your global team in international projects as an intern in human resources development.Webasto is represented worldwide with more than 50 locations in 47 countries. We are always in contact with each other and work together in global teams. Diversity and cultural variety are of great importance to us. Get to know the global work of a lead engineer as a working student in electronics development or support your global team in international projects as an intern in human resources development.

Subsidized meals at the cafeteria

As a dual student/trainee, you receive a 50% discount on lunch in our cafeteria.

Fitness activities (e.g. jogging and yoga)

Doing sports together is fun, promotes health and strengthens cohesion. Like all our employees, you can choose from a variety of sports activities such as running, yoga and back therapy training. With the help of Gympass, we are able to support our employees in flexibly practicing their favorite sports activities and promoting their own well-being.

Parking space

Park your car right in front of the company - where do you get that? At Webasto!

For all our employees who arrive with their own car, we provide free parking directly in front of the company premises. In Stockdorf there is also the option of parking your car in the underground parking garage.

Health program

The health and well-being of our students is our top priority. Therefore, you have the opportunity to participate in our health days and learn preventive measures to maintain health.

Flexible working hours

You would like to work out bevor going to work or have something planned for afterwards? In consultation with your supervisor, you as a working student can also work from home at Webasto.

Company and after-work events

Summer party, Christmas party and other events - this is where our employees come together outside working hours, get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere and have the chance to meet new people. For students there are also special events to get in touch with other students during their internship or working student activities – At Webasto you are not alone!

Student meet-ups

At regular student get-togethers, you will get to know other working students and interns and have the opportunity to exchange views on various topics.

Travel cost allowance

Whether by car, public transport or on foot - at Webasto you receive a travel allowance of 0.15 euros per kilometer driven from their home to the Webasto location (Travel allowance ceiling of 50km).

Assume responsibility

Interns and working students are only there to make coffee? Not at Webasto! Here you can already take on responsible and important tasks as a working student/internship and make a valuable contribution to current projects and the overall success of Webasto. Here you can make full use of your potential and put your already collected knowledge into practice. Intensive support and training are a matter of course for us.

Student & talent program

Feedback and recognition of good performance promote motivation and enjoyment of work. With our "Student & Talent Program", we support our high-potential students after they have successfully passed our internal selection program, e.g. by increasing the student salary and offering attractive training for personal development. When may we welcome you to our Student & Talent Pool?

Fair payment

Mandatory internship: 
750 Euro/month

Bachelor working student: 
12,50 to 15 Euro/hour depending on location and experience

Master working student:   
14,00 bis 16,00 Euro/hour depending on location and experience

750 Euro/month

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