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As one of the companies driving innovation in the industry, at Webasto we are already working on the challenges of tomorrow, today. This is why we want to build relationships with the trendsetters of tomorrow. No matter which phase of your degree program you’re in. Within the framework of our partnerships with universities, there are many opportunities for you to interact with Webasto or to receive financial and professional support from us, such as: Student excursions, Sponsorships, Guest lectures, Scholarships, Mentoring, Student projects and project studies

Crossing the Finish Line with Webasto

The TUfast Racingteam from TU Munich is a perfect example of what a successful collaboration with Webasto can look like. Here, students can take more than just lectures and exams with them into their professional lives. In this project, the team has to build a new and even better race car every year and put it to the test on the racetrack against other Formula student teams. Just like in a real racing stable, the 80 students from different degree programs carry out every single step of the development process themselves: from propulsion and aerodynamics to design, financing, and completion of the race car.

Webasto has been one of the sponsors of this project for several years. Although our support goes far beyond just donating materials and funds for the electric race car. Providing technical advice on battery development includes inviting the TUfast team to Webasto in Stockdorf and, conversely, employees from the E-Solutions business unit paying a visit to the racing stable workshop. Webasto also takes part in events such as the design competition in Hockenheim or the rollout, i.e. the first presentation of a new race car.

Thanks in part to Webasto’s support, the TUfast team has been very successful, regularly placing among the top three in the static and dynamic disciplines. In 2016, the team even won the Formula student competition’s overall ranking at the Hockenheimring.

Webasto and TUfast – a Great Team

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