Why Webasto?

The Special Plus at Webasto

When it comes to the development of impressive customized solutions, our love of collaborating is first and foremost. We don’t focus on individual achievement, but rather share success as part of a team. Our trademark is THE spirit of friendly cooperation that can be seen in everything we do. What are the typical characteristics of Webasto colleagues? Openness and transparancy are what WE all have in common. We share our knowledge and experience with colleagues around the globe. Our common goal IS to make our processes and products a little bit better, each and every day. You may also share YOUR  SPECIAL talent and skills globally. A big PLUS is that Webasto will support you in all of your efforts with confidence in your abilities and the freedom to act independently.

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We Pour Our Heart and Soul into Our Activities

International, warm, approachable, open, forward-looking, helpful, innovative, with flat hierarchies and plenty of freedom, creative, team-oriented, passionate, enthusiastic and much more ... If this is how you imagine your workplace to be, you’ve come to the right place!

Your career and development opportunities

Our global Talent Management and the Webasto Academy are the corner stones for your further development.


Collaborate with us on the topics of tomorrow

With us, you can form technical innovations of the automotive industry. In an environment that stands for variety and creative freedom.


Meet Webasto

Find out here what makes working at Webasto so exciting and worth talking about.


Our Values at Webasto

Webasto is growing and becoming more international on a daily basis. But that’s not stopping us from living out and fostering the values typical of small and medium-sized enterprises. On the contrary, we have made them an integral part of our framework for interacting with each other. Whether longevity, honesty, reliability, or perseverance: as an inherent part of Webasto’s values, they are instrumental in determining our daily attitudes and actions.

  • Because long-lasting and trustful partnerships form the basis of our business, we take responsibility for our colleagues, business partners and the society.

    We maintain a long-term view in our thinking and actions, while always keeping the benefit of the company in mind. Responsibility extends beyond the boundaries of our company: Wherever we are engaged in business, we aim to be good neighbors. We are committed to environmental protection. Therefore we use our resources with care.

    We respect rules and regulations: We never risk our integrity for perceived advantages. We take responsibility for our decisions and we keep our promises. Our word is our bond. By being respectful and highly committed, we earn the trust of colleagues and customers.

    This is how we create strong and steady relationships that secure the entrepreneurial independence of our company.

  • Because we do our very best and are passionate about our business, we set benchmarks in our industry.

    Our state-of-the-art products reflect our passion and performance. We do everything we can to achieve perfection. That is why we place the greatest importance on accuracy and precision.

    Our business partners appreciate our new ideas and solutions. This is why we need motivated and qualified employees. We offer them an atmosphere in which they can develop and grow. That includes giving our employees the freedom that encourages self-reliance in their work.

    This is how we continue to develop new perspectives for both our customers and ourselves.

  • Because we know our customer better than anyone else, we make a major contribution to their success.

    Due to our unique expertise, we know our customers’ requirements inside out. They perceive us as a reliable and competent partner who provides appropriate solutions to their challenges.

    Each and every day, we consistently do the very best for our customers. We feel equally committed to their objectives as we do to our own. Our products and solutions always offer an advantage for both sides. This means: We are in the right place at the right time with the right quality at the right price.

    This is how we exceed our customers’ expectations and strengthen our position on the market.

  • Because at Webasto we strive to find the best solutions by working together, our collaboration across divisions and regions is based on mutual trust.

    Cooperation throughout the whole Webasto Group is characterized by a strong team spirit. We are constructive in striving for the best solution, while always remaining respectful.

    We are not lone fighters. The ideas and competencies of our colleagues are always acknowledged. We bear setbacks as a team and celebrate success together

    We are open in our interaction with one another and benefit from each other’s strengths. We are glad to share our knowledge and experience with colleagues from other teams and countries. Every day, we work hard on continuously improving our processes and products.

    This is how we continue to develop together.

  • Because every one of us is enthusiastic about their work, we are ready for the challenges of the future. 

    Our industry is constantly changing: characterized by market shifts, competitive pressure and shorter development cycles. We meet these challenges with self-confidence. We are experts and doers: Each and every employee contributes to the success of Webasto in the work they do.

    We are decision-makers and act in an entrepreneurial manner. We have the courage to question the tried and trusted. We come up with new solutions by breaking with routine. We address concerns and constantly question ourselves. We draw the right conclusions from our mistakes and apply the learnings to our work going forward.

    This is how every single one of us contributes to the successful future of Webasto.

The Benefits of Working at Webasto

One thing is certain: to achieve great things, you need to be in the right environment. Which is why it is so important for us to offer the underlying conditions that motivate, captivate, and inspire.

Global market and technology leader

The Webasto Group is one of the 100 largest suppliers to the automotive industry. With our innovative sliding, panoramic, and convertible roof systems, groundbreaking heating, cooling, and battery systems, as well as innovative charging solutions, we constantly create added value for mobility.

Attractive and unique products

Webasto offers benefit for the mobility with its technological top products. In our core business areas, we develop and produce sunroofs, panorama roofs and convertible roofs, as well as Thermosystems for all types of drive systems – in this area we are the market leader. Furthermore, Webasto provides battery systems and charging solutions for electro mobility in its range of products.

Innovative spirit

As a technology company with a long tradition and huge enthusiasm for innovations, Webasto is repeatedly developing new and impressive products. When shaping the mobility of the future, we think far beyond the next generation of vehicles and set technological standards, even for the megatrends of the future. 

Global standards

The Webasto Group is a global innovative systems partner to almost all automotive manufacturers and is one of the 100 largest suppliers in the industry.

Good atmosphere

When it comes to the development of impressive customized solutions, our love of collaborating is first and foremost. We don’t focus on individual achievement, but rather share success as part of a team. Our trademark is THE spirit of friendly cooperation that can be seen in everything we do. What are the typical characteristics of Webasto colleagues? Openness and transparency are what WE all have in common. We share our knowledge and experience with colleagues around the globe. Our common goal IS to make our processes and products a little bit better, each and every day. You may also share YOUR  SPECIAL talent and skills globally. A big PLUS is that Webasto will support you in all of your efforts with confidence in your abilities and the freedom to act independently.

Variety of tasks

At Webasto we work together across multiple departments in a large and global network. Through this linking of the corporate structure and the project-orientated way of working, we enjoy a variety of interesting topics, thrilling challenges and exciting responsibilities – even beyond your own area.

Career opportunities

Do you feel like changing departments or taking on a new challenge in your career? We promote the personal and professional development of our employees through individualized training and integrated career planning. With the help of our talent management and Webasto academy, Webasto supports your personal progress. Thereby we offer leeway for creativity and attractive, global development prospects.

Room for decision-making

Independent and self-determined work is important to us at Webasto. Our employees are heard, appreciated and encouraged as decision-makers. We want to give you the opportunity to help shape technical innovations in the automotive industry from start to finish, because at Webasto you are not only responsible for a single component but are involved in complete modules.

Intercultural working

Webasto is represented worldwide at more than 50 locations in 47 countries. We are always networked and work together in global teams. Diversity and cultural diversity are particularly important to us, and our ONE Webasto program promotes just that. Because at Webasto we work together across divisions in a large global network.


In our cafeteria you can choose between a variety of varied meals in the morning and at noon. In this way, you can get to work stronger and more motivated.

In-House Academy / Professional Academies

In order to always be one step ahead, we qualify our employees with foresight. In this way, we are always up to date to master the challenges of today and tomorrow. This is why we are the market leader. The Webasto Academy is open to all employees as an internal knowledge network and offers more than 700 seminars and 300 e-learnings every year for professional, methodical and personal development. Employees also have the opportunity to become involved as trainers and pass on their knowledge to colleagues.

Childcare services

The compatibility of work and family is very important to us. Depending on the location, we offer our employees a company daycare center or places in a daycare center in the area. In addition, we offer a program for your little ones with various workshops and activities on the school free day of Prayer and Repentance and during the summer holidays.

Fitness activities (e.g. jogging and yoga)

Doing sports together is fun, promotes health and strengthens cohesion. Like all our employees, you can choose from a variety of sports activities such as running, yoga and back therapy training.

E-Learning platform

Through our internal e-learning platform, we have the opportunity to educate ourselves in different areas and to participate in various digital workshops and trainings. In this way, we always have the current state of knowledge and information and can continue our education flexibly, whenever and wherever we want.

Language training

In order for us to be prepared for international cooperation and projects, we offer our employees, who want to improve their business English or want to learn a new language, interesting and diverse language courses such as intercultural trainings, for example Dos and Don’ts.

Health days

The health and the well-being of our employees is our top priority. That is why we offer our employees the opportunity to participate at our health days and learn a little bit more about preventive measures to maintain a healthy body.

Parking space

We provide parking spaces for employees who arrive by their own car. In Stockdorf there is also the option of parking your car in the underground garage.

Christmas and vacation bonuses

Webasto would like to offer its employees a wonderful Christmas and vacation season. That is why our employees receive Christmas and vacation pay so that they can enjoy their free time a little more.

Employee discounts

Our employees benefit from numerous cooperations and discounts in areas such as fashion, leisure time, sports and gastronomy. 

Expert talks

Our employees benefit from lectures on a wide range of specialist knowledge as well as current research findings from various areas. In this way, they are always up to date with the latest knowledge in various disciplines.

Flexible working hours

Do you need to go to the gym quickly before work or do you need to take care of a family member? Flexible working hours allow our employees to decide for themselves when they start and end their working day. Mobile networking, company laptops and mobile office enable our employees to work independently of time and place.

Tax-Free investment benefits

Our employees benefit from several financial advantages. For example, we offer capital-forming benefits to enable employees to save up a secure savings account.

Profit sharing

Depending on how the financial year develops, our employees benefit from a profit-sharing scheme based on results.

Length of service bonuses

Many years of successful cooperation has to be celebrated! Therefore, our employees receive a special thank you from us when they reach milestones in their years of service.

Subsidized gym membership

We want to enable our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle in addition to their work. With the help of Gympass, we can help our employees to be flexible in their choice of sports activities and promote their well-being.

Company events

Summer party, Christmas party and other events - this is where our employees come together outside working hours, get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere and have the chance to make new contacts.

Webasto Foundation

The Webasto Group is active beyond its corporate borders and promotes and supports charitable projects and organizations worldwide with the help of the Webasto Foundation. Our employees are invited to take an active part in the work of the Webasto Foundation and to get involved socially. The Webasto Foundation regularly organizes donation votings in which social initiatives from all around the world are introduced. By participating in these votings our colleagues can co-determine about the funds the organizations will receive.

However, if our employees want to do more, they can suggest charitable projects for a donation themselves, engage personally by joining Corporate Volunteering activities or donate directly to the Webasto Foundation, e.g. by signing up for our LuckyPenny initiative (only available in Germany).  

Mobile Work

With mobile work, employees are given the opportunity to perform a certain part of their working hours outside the company, and thus on the move. Our employees are Webasto's special plus, so their well-being is very important to us. In accordance with their supervisor, employees can work 40% of the hours agreed in their contract in a home office - as long as the type of activity is suitable for mobile working.

Performance Management

Management by objectives is an important component of Webasto's management culture. Managers reach clear agreements on goals or tasks as well as training opportunities with their employees on an annual basis, follow up on these and intervene immediately in the event of deviations. They assume management responsibility for achieving the results.

In this way, each employee receives - in addition to regular feedback during the year - a clear assessment of his or her performance. The result of the annual cycle is the definition of a development plan by employees and managers.

Charging Station

We offer innovative technologies not only to car manufacturers and end customers, but also to our employees. For those colleagues among us who already drive electrically, this means that charging of private vehicles is already free of charge at some of our Webasto locations. In this way, we want to help our employees take a step toward a more sustainable future.