Wide-Ranging Activities

The Special Benefits of Wide-Ranging Duties and Creative Freedom

Act swiftly, think like a visionary, operate with flexibility. As a strategic partner to the automotive industry, we identify the latest trends and issues that will shape the future. And in doing so, make driving safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. Such as through the use of lightweight materials, particularly groundbreaking ideas, or completely new approaches. We offer the chance to play an integral role in driving technological innovation in the automotive industry – from start to finish. At Webasto, you’re not only responsible for a single component, but also contribute to entire modules. And do so in an environment that offers a variety of different activities and considerable creative leeway. With flat hierarchies where decisions are made quickly.

Our Contribution to the Car of Tomorrow

How can we use our unique technological expertise to contribute to the mobility of tomorrow? Our answer: through advanced solutions that allow us to play a decisive role in creating the car of the future in various fields.

High Voltage Heaters (HVH)

Maximum comfort meets maximum efficiency: The Webasto high-voltage heater is an electrically operated heater that converts electricity into heat in a virtually lossless manner using layered heating technology. The heat inside the vehicle ensures the windows stay ice-free, for example. At the same time, it is also used to ensure that the battery operates in the ideal temperature range, thereby making ideal use of the battery’s efficiency and increasing its range.

Charging Solutions

A full battery, no matter where they are: electric and hybrid vehicles are dependant on an extensive charging infrastructure – whether on the road, at work, or at home. We develop and produce innovative charging stations that are tailored to the different requirements of global markets. All of our charging solutions meet the relevant norms and OEM standards and thus the highest standards of quality and safety.

Battery Systems

Save energy: Based on our competencies and experiences in thermal management we develop strong high voltage battery systems in all cellular formats matching the manufaturer’s requirements.

Solar Roof

Efficent economic innovation: Our solar roofs generate electricity, that is being fed into the battery of the vehicle. This relieves the pressure on the generator and lowers fuel consumption as well as CO2 emission. The electricity produced can also be used for the vehicle’s air conditioning and reduce fuel consumption in hybrids by relieving pressure on the air conditioning.

Award Winning Technology

Webasto’s high voltage hearter HVH 100 was awarded the Innovation Label Award for its power and durability at the Busworld Exhibition. What makes the HVH 100 special? It works on maximum efficiency, has a llifetime of up to 15 years or 12.000 operating hours and only weighs 2.7 kilograms. The HVH 100 is being used in electric cars but is also available in electric and hybrid busses. With our electric heating systems we contribute to the solution of key challenges of electric mobility.

Light, Lighter, Webasto

When it comes to reducing the weight of panorama sunroofs, what is technically feasible? As part of a lightweight design study, a team of Webasto developers analyzed every component – from the glass panel and frame to the drive system and mechanics – and discussed alternative materials and solutions. In the end, they determined that it’s technically possible to reduce the weight by 50 percent, but still too expensive to do so. Nevertheless, some of the components from this lightweight study will make their way into mass production. Because our roof specialists’ motto is: leave nothing unattempted in order to drive progress!

Careers with a Bright Future

Become part of the Webasto family and experience the special benefits of your job each and every day.