How We Work

International and Friendly at the Same Time

Whether in Europe, China, or the United States: with more than 50 locations, Webasto is wherever our customers need us. As a family-owned company, we have remained approachable and welcoming despite our size and success. We are used to looking ahead and focusing on long-term opportunities. We also take our social responsibility toward all employees extremely seriously. And what’s more – we are committed to values that prioritize collaboration, open-mindedness, and a willingness to help.


At Webasto, the “We” Is Always Capitalized

Our unique corporate culture creates a bond that transcends national borders and reflects, among other things, our love of collaboration, our passion for quality and innovation, and our optimistic, can-do attitude. For our day-to-day work, this means that we enjoy sharing knowledge and celebrating success together, that we can quickly get enthusiastic about new things, and that we make courageous but self-critical decisions. All of this leads to a particularly strong sense of team spirit that benefits everyone, including you.

Focus on Your Own Well-Being

In an innovative and market-leading environment like Webasto, personal balance is crucial. Our Webasto “feel” initiative – derived from “Fitness, Energy, Events, Life” – promotes better health at the workplace and an improved work-life balance – so that we can seize each day motivated to develop new ideas.


We would like to enable our employees to lead a healthy lifestyle in addition to their work. With the help of Gympass, we can help our employees to flexibly practice their favorite sports activities and promote their own well-being.


Clearly our team’s health is extremely important to us. This is also why we have experts on hand to advise and assist our employees when it comes to increasing their “life energy.” Our company cafeterias provide the daily dose of healthy “fuel.”


The Academy Forum is an exciting series of lectures that addresses all employees with selected topics and encourages them to think ahead. With the courses of the Webasto Academy the knowledge gained from these impulse lectures can be deepened even further.


In the event of a doctor’s appointment or if a child gets sick, trust-based working hours allow employees to handle the situation with flexibility in consultation with their supervisor. Our childcare service during school breaks keeps children busy and helps families plan their vacations. During Kid’s Day on the Day of Prayer and Repentance, the children of employees can experience their parents’ workplace up close and personal. Through the “Webastolinis” daycare center, which is operated by the “Denk mit!” childcare organization, Webasto improves employees’ work-life balance.

Looking Ahead Together

Webasto’s vision is “Our Inspiration Drives the World of Mobility.“ It sets the direction that our employees will take when developing the solutions of the future. Proof that we are already on the best way there today: with over 4,000 patents held worldwide, we help drive innovation in the automotive industry.

The Allure of Automotive

Being a technological market leader requires committed and competent “doers” with a passion for the automotive industry. A flat organizational structure and a wide range of duties at Webasto offer employees the opportunity to implement their own ideas in an open and team-oriented environment. With a structured orientation process, we make it easier for new employees to quickly assume responsibility in their area of activity.

A Passion for Quality

Working with diligence and precision is extremely important to us, as is passion and enthusiasm. This is why we offer our employees an environment where they can truly flourish. This includes a great degree of freedom and the opportunity to work independently. This is how we set standards in the industry.

Careers with a Bright Future

Become part of the Webasto family and experience the special benefits of your job each and every day.

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